Do you have questions about auto insurance and your teen driver? The Caplan Agency can help with any questions you may have. Statistically, teen drivers are at very high risk of being involved in a car crash. This fact alone dramatically increases the cost of car insurance premiums. If you are the parent of new teen drivers, consult with the helpful staff at the Caplan Agency. Unless you know your options, you will not be able to make an informed decision.

In Connecticut, when your teen has a learner’s permit and is driving under the supervision of a licensed adult, he does not need to have his own insurance policy. Once a teen driver starts driving on his own, however, he will need auto insurance. Most families add teens to their existing auto insurance policies. You could also comparison shop to find the best insurance option for your family. Because the Caplan Agency works with many top insurance carriers, we can look into ways to keep your costs reasonable. There are other ways you can save money on car insurance.

During the first year of driving, your teen’s car insurance rate likely will be higher than your own. Here are a few strategies to help you reduce auto insurance costs both now and once you add your teen driver.

  • Practice. Driving frequently with your teen under various driving conditions will prepare him for challenges in the future.
  • Raise deductibles to lower premiums. You may save money on your premium, though you will pay more when you file a claim.
  • Investigate discounts. Ask about discounts for students with a higher grade average and for teens who complete driver education courses.
  • Share vehicles. How you classify your new teen driver will affect auto insurance premiums.
  • Drive in safer cars. For safety as well as lower auto insurance rates, consider a mid-size sedan when it’s time to look for a car.

Auto insurance companies in Connecticut determine rates on factors such as your driving record, how long you’ve been a licensed driver, how much you drive, where you live and what you drive. For automobile insurance policy information in West Hartford CT and surrounding areas, call Caplan Insurance Agency today at at 860-561-4713.

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