Time to Review Your Home Owner’s Policy?

Caplan Insurance Agency in West Hartford CT would like you to consider the winter insurance risks inherent to the season. In the winter months, weather is unpredictable. Freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall, freezing rain and power outages are all possible. Add high winds to the mix and even routine activities like driving and walking outdoors become more hazardous. Whether you’re going about your day to day activities, celebrating the holidays, or taking part in fun winter activities, make sure you are safe and protected.

Safety First   Make sure your belongings are in good condition and that you are using them safely. Do you use a space heater, a wood stove or a fireplace to heat your house? Without proper maintenance or safety considerations, all three can be hazards. Winter driving, sledding or ice skating in your back yard

Protect Yourself  As a homeowner, you are responsible for keeping your home in good condition. Keeping your belongings in good shape and use them safely and appropriately. Keep walkways and driveways clear and be sure they are well lit. Make sure your home is properly winterized. Be aware of any policy requirements for winter upkeep, so you don’t end up footing the bill for frozen pipes or other issues. If you own a car, keep it in good condition and drive it safely in winter conditions. Always follow traffic laws and observe speed limits, drive slowly and with extra caution.When you invite friends over for sledding, remove obstacles from the path and use your toys safely.

Eliminate the Element of Surprise   With many types of insurance, there are exclusions for negligence or more costly/unusual damages. This can apply to many different situations. It is important that you know when your insurance will kick in and when it won’t. Check with your insurance agent to be sure you understand all the specifics of your policy. Use common sense and think about safety while doing winter activities. Find out if you are operating within the lines of what your insurance policies will cover. When something is identified as an exclusion, be sure to get extra coverage.

Excluded Events   If you are concerned about extreme weather conditions, you’ll definitely want to find out whether your home and auto insurance policies cover any and all weather-related damages. When you have five feet of snowfall on your roof and it collapses, are you covered? Some policies may exclude damage caused by hail and wind, or flooding. In these cases, you usually have the option to purchase a separate “rider” that can provide coverage you need.

While enjoying outdoor winter activities, wear appropriate clothing and use safety gear. Adhere to guidelines and rules, and be sure to inspect your winter equipment and gear before taking it out into the cold. Keep your home maintained appropriately for the season, and avoid taking unnecessary risks. And should you be in doubt about your home owner’s insurance policy, you need expert advice. Don’t get caught in the cold! Call or contact Caplan Insurance Agency LLC to find out how to stay safe, warm and covered this winter season. Call us today at 860-561-4713.


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